And few days back when I saw my facebook wall flooding with pink blush cherry blossoms, I wished to scream it loud ‘Don’t fall in to the trap, Dare you not fall into the trap!’

Cherry Blossoms
You may wish to ignore it best,
but it will surely pull you down
and in case you fall for it
without it putting any effort to grow on you
I feel bad, for you already have fallen a victim
To this illusion which has grown around you
Oh these pink blossoms, I believe
They love to do this to you
Make you fall prey to them
For the love that grows is their food
Enamored of this magical sight
You feel immersed in the feeling called love
Even before you could realise, what hit you
You have gone way too far, the blinded you
All those who wish to fathom
The wilderness of these pink blush blossoms
Chase the wilderness, from dawn to dusk
Peekaboo with the lenses or with her
Under the umbrella of these
brown sturdy trunks which decide to blush
there is an enigma, there is that wild rush
that chases you down into your dreams
and then each sunrise you wake up to ‘em
just to see if they are still adorning the trees
or you wish to check if the last blossom has taken a bow
for they are no more a canvas alone but your fond spree
and as the time passes by and memories start to fade
you realise it harder but soon
that even if the sturdy trunks stay naked again
the colours of the pinks blossoms shall only fade and never go