The Optimistic Me is third in the series of poem dedicated to the book The End. The End is a story of suffering, healing, of losing and finding oneself amidst the pandemic times.

  1. The Cautious Me
  2. The Sceptic Me
  3. The Optimistic Me

The world stood aghast

and so did I,

thinking about what 

the pandemic did to us

and the world 

and all that’s left behind

of immobile people

and conversations paralysed

the mass migration

the loners, the departed

orphans, and 

a generation that went 

berserk, broken, bare

left with a massive void

the missing physical presence

over which the virtual world preside

The world stood aghast

and so did I,

counting the miseries

the pandemic left us to fight

the immense darkness that surrounded us

we wondered, will there ever be light?

Was it all over

not yet, not so soon

only when you think 

of an endless autumn

comes spring

in its full bloom

There will be a new normal

towards we all shall move

together we would craft

a world that will be all new

made in peace

with hearts full of joy

simplicity-clad humans

and have less to consume

in the hope, we all shall dwell

and dare to dream again

but before 

the world needs to heal, and

recover from all the pain

that the pandemic

has bestowed.

The world stands hopeful

and so do I

that tomorrow the sun will shine

bright upon us 

over a clear blue sky

and the world be full of

bees and butterflies

And maybe with time

we all shall realise, that

not all The Ends are painful

some just arrive 

shaking us from the slumber

giving a reality check

as a blessing in disguise

course correct our actions

in due course of time

saving us the grace of being known

as the most eloquent of species

of all times.

The world stands in that hope

and so do I

that it will be a better tomorrow

with better versions of ours,

let us live again

for we are indomitable spirits

let us raise a toast and

give another chance to life

The Optimistic Me

The Optimistic Me

drinks from that cup o’ positivity. ☕️