I wrote this during the times of COVID-19! Yes, COVID-19 is a virus that grappled the world. Originated in China, the virus traveled far and wide calling for worldwide shutdowns and lockdowns. People were forced to lock themselves up to prevent the infection, businesses were clamped down. Nothing was operational except for the sale of grocery, food and other essentials.

It has been Day 8 of the lockdown and as I walked outside my house to arrange for drinking water and buy some other essentials, I saw the nature taking over all what mankind has built and constructed. Dust formed a silken shiny sheet over the expensive cars, leaves and those cherry blossoms adorn the roads as if claiming their right. Across the news and media, we could see animals being spotted. From the red turtles retreating to Odisha beaches for laying eggs, dolphins being spotted in Arabian Sea near Mumbai, stags and deers being spotted on the roads – I could see a clear sign of the Universe to hint the humans that it will not take much for the nature to claim what belongs to it. May be it (the pandemic due to the virus and consequential clampdown of many man-made activities) is time for the reality-check!

And while all of this happened around, I wondered and came up with this piece called The Cautious Me! It is the first in the 3 part series – all of which in order are:

1. The Cautious Me
2. The Skeptic Me
3. The Optimistic Me

Here it goes:

Just because
the earth didn’t shiver
nor did the oceans
took you in their garb
the mountains didn’t quiver
and you didn’t flow in the mud tar!

doesn’t mean – that nothing happened
we just witnessed,
what could be a world apocalypse
but stopping at being a pandemic! (hopefully so)

Oblivion is not something we can choose
Consciousness might be the mantra for tomorrow
Stirring up the conscience for it approves
Of what we do not and what we do!

It doesn’t stop here
It was just a teaser of
what we are stepping into
and where we are headed to!

for the times we sail through
for the times that are yet to arrive
for the choices we have to make
for us and our generations to survive!
The Cautious Me!
The Cautious Me!