for my friends and foes(if any) should know this, you can’t stop me from loving you and smiling forever coz extrovert you may know me as yet as an introvert I shall never question your deeds and stick to #myactofLOVE

I just wish I was the grass, firm to the ground
Scrambled, rumbled by thousands who walk over
Dead it shall be to just grow again
Keeping the silence after suffering all the pain
I just wish I was the tree, spreading the shade around
Knocked, punched and engraved by thousand passers
Standing smiling for happiness quotient they deliver
Non-chalant, unquestioning for whenever they quiver
I just wish I was the rain, falling incessant on the souls
The happy, they danced; the distorted, they sobbed
Friend of all, I shall just acclimatize to how they feel
All they shall remember would be moments, if they ever wish to play the reel
Beautiful it would have been if I were the sky
Spanning across the visions, staying there to never end
Under whose roof people shall live their life through
I shall exist, though my existence shall always be questioned
…..Because friends are important and not their mistakes, I have learnt it hard way and that is why I shall never give them back on their face but leave a b’ful memory with them and etch an impression in their hearts 🙂