An early arrival
A cool breeze of air
shooting the rumours of the heat.
A ride with a driver, who kept
fretting about the history we keep,
laments about the quality of
kikkar, ammonia and Rahul they breed.

A motley group of friends
from country’s far ends
lame jokes, petite jibes
all of which, years after you greet.
The sleepy kid
The sleepier grownups
The indefatigable baraatis
in an uncensored baraat
the bride who hid her anger
in the eyes overloaded with spark.

The extravagant breakfast
because arrived maa-ke-laal.
The last minute shopping spree
The tireless women
The decreasing inches
in an embroidered conversation
and of colours that melted hearts
red, green, baby pink
onion pink and the lip pink that 
finally did some charade – and yet
the love of a mother over above all.

The intertwining hands – with 
the steering wheel
racing up the road
as if chasing the dreams.
The adorned presents
The animated warm exchange
The never ending guest list
The baskets full of 
matthi, cakes, fruits and flowers
that swirled around the feat.

The candid, the posers
The captured intentionally
and unintentionally pictures
of gifts, greetings and glance
and traditions in parlance.
The new bride
in first of her occasions in the sasural
with eyes hooked upon her
but with her smile and poise
she won hearts.

An unapologetic absence
A few broken hearts and 
a mildly heated conversation
of self-respect who talk
and circumstances who stalk.
A pretty damsel
a dehydrated body
taken to sickness and bl犀利士 ankets
present yet absent on the day.

A family date
The new restaurant
An ever longing heed
to all the new that our city breeds
A peaceful time
An in-renovation club
Table for 4 and Dinner for 2
The Mango zap.
A stormy night
A powerful umbrella
A desire to keep it all
The father and The son
for they shall not let it fall.

The injured birdie
on a warmer day –
lies unconscious on the verandah
but the caress under the wraps
of sand and the water fall
it takes a flight next morning
probably to its home
The union with our loved ones
is what we seek after all.

A cozy seating
A cozier conversation
The coziest room
Ma-baba ka kamra 
where all the conversations mushroom.
The empty bags
The stuffed bags
The envelopes and the heavy hearts
as arrives the day to depart.