the drink was named The Bird Cage, a concoction of many-a-alcoholic taste. And as we grow up and life gives us a reality check, I think the drink is so aptly named for the times we are a part of and the desire of being uncaged.

ran a glance through the world outside

and quickly turned my sight inside

No there were not many-a-differences in fact

Clinging to the pasts and trying hard to define their act

Foolish man, rejoices on the sight

Of the bird stuck in the cage and putting a fight

Alas! he forgets, it’s not the beauty of the feathers

But the strength of the wings that take a flight

With each passing day, he rekindles the old flames
places himself in the unwanted frames
and snaps out of them with effort insane
he wants to run away yet he wishes to suffer the pain
Hold on! It’s not me and not you alone in this crazy world
Out there, who end up doing the much so same
Unthoughtful yet held by the inhibitions that have grown on us
Leaving us to walk down the not so preferred lane
We belong to the mountains of grit and rivers of gush
Of miles we wish to travel and live in that nomad’s rush
yet the most we expect for is the weekend to usher
‘fulfilling’ anything but our hearts on every month’s first
for reality is not how we wished it to be
the reality is not what we wish to see
and then ecstasy out of The Bird Cage we seek
of incompleteness and hollowness, we reek!
All this is but just a reminder of our pitted state
Strangled by the shackles of so much or actually nothing at stake
Or maybe we are caged by the illusion of our own thoughts
That might be waiting for us to break open them and let ourselves Uncage