I still remember those old days when the sight of that ‘paison ki gaddi’ would make me go berserk and left lurching in the demand for more. Eventually I realised that it will be gone with every passing day of the month. And soon there will be days (at the end of every month) when each and every spent will be minutely scrutinised.
I was a kid then. But I could make it when the money would come and go (vanquish). Booommm!
Today when I have started working, and there is good amount of money I can sense coming in, I still can’t resonate the feelings that persisted years back. I do not see any money coming in but suddenly I feel too much money going out.
The only thing that hasn’t changed is ‘I still go berserk’, in the bewilderment of more and more money going out of my pocket.
The money cycle changed way too much and within such a small span (of say 15 years) that it rarely left us to even absorb that change. From Money to the VISA cards, ATMs, Credits Cards, Internet banking, mobile payments (mpesa sort of things) and mobile wallet. We are (if it is to be believed) have been well fooled by the cashless transactions.
They make you feel richer (for a while) and poorer (soon and for a long time). Even before the salary is credited into the account, the banks quite peacefully send the ‘Outstanding Balance’ into your inbox. Just to make you realise that before you make another purchase (which you still do), you make the pending payments.
Paying way too much via cards?
But the virtual money (as I love calling it and it is to an extent) doesn’t have that conviction that of the real money. It neither has that sensation of the touch of the real rupee notes nor does it possesses the smell of those notes which make you keep them longer in your pockets.
I realised this when I went and took money out of ATM. I guess I took a bit more than I actually needed. So for next few days I found myself making payments in cash which to my amusement made me spent lesser than what I would have spent if I were making the payments by cards.
So this was a quick lesson learned there that the real money makes you understand the monetarily value of currency more. You really feel the pinch when you are making a bigger payment (in fact anything more than 500 will seem to be more – much more). However if you are making these payments by cards, nothing below 2500 – 3000 really catches your attention. (though this is a personal view, but I guess holds true for many).
So if you have of late found yourself spending way too much – take my words – Stop Cashless, Go the Cash way!! Just might save you some more pennies J