The moon – the playful moon, knows how to play it all
At times oh so beautifully full, shimmering bright
Yet would hide behind those irrational cotton balls
Only allowing through them, a wink of its soothing light
‘t knows how to make the lorn lovers lurch for it
through the curtains that rise and fall
immersed in the warmth of their emotions
it sets a foreplay before they listen to their pounding hearts
…astounded in the haze they ran
around in the woods playing hide and seek
for the sake of the moment,
when they kissed and love
that greet hooked like forever in each other’s gaze…

Picture Credits: Sagar Riaz


The moon – the incorrigibly romantic moon,

gives them the wings

to let their love take a flight beyond the skies to a new horizon

Naïve are the lovers who succumb to the vagaries of the one

Who stands alone yet bright in the sky studded with stars

Hit by the loneliness itself, it has found entertainment on the stroll


Seeing the hearts finding solace under the sky

lit by its presence brimming with hopes,

weaving dreams and left with never-to-heal scars

What it never tells them is that these bright nights will be followed by the insane dark


…blinded by the brightness Of the moon and

the glint of the love in their eyes

Togetherness, they gifted each other in all possible stride

From destiny, they demanded – nothing more, nothing less…


The moon – the playful moon, knows how to play it all

At times oh so beautifully full and aah! at times it’s so dark

Leaving the struck by love, to drive in a direction so opposite

Together for always in the hearts, yet by destinies so far

Will vanish the silver linings, the silhouettes of the trees that stand tall

And suddenly disappear the paths, where hands-in-hands they walk

though it sets a cold play, which still echoes love and a rhythm so divine

For they hush to the playful moon “it’s just a matter of time…”