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Words, that understand you like no one else does


Part II – The Skeptic Me!

This is Part II in the series of three reflecting the times we are living through: The Cautious Me The Skeptic Me The Optimistic Me Tomorrow,When all of this is overMaybe we do notFall into oblivionAs ifNothing happenedNothing matteredNothing camenothing conqueredThere was nothingWhat got us…


Part I – The Cautious Me!

I wrote this during the times of COVID-19! Yes, COVID-19 is a virus that grappled the world. Originated in China, the virus traveled far and wide calling for worldwide shutdowns and lockdowns. People were forced to lock themselves up to prevent the infection, businesses were…


Kahwa (कहवा)

अर्सों हो गए एक कप गरमा-गरम कहवा पिए हुए,उस अंगीठी के आगे-पीछे बैठे हुएऔर अपने दिलों को हल्का किये हुए! वो कहानियां भीन जाने कहाँ गुम सीहो गयी,जिन्हें कहवे के घूंट संग पीते थेमानो वह चीनी से नमक हो गयी! उस कहवे में क़ैद दिलों की गर्माहट थीअब तो जैसे…


Kuch boond zindagi

कुछ बूँद ज़िन्दगीगवा दी हमनेज़रुरत से ज़्यादाज़रुरत के नाम पेअगर सोचें ज़रा ब्रश करते रहेसाबुन मलते रहेछई छप छईएक बारी में टंकी खाली हो गयी भला धोये हमने भरतनगाड़ियां भी धुलती रहीधुले रोज़ बरामदे पानी की नालियां बनती रहीजो चाहते हम तो खिला सकती थी बगीचा हरा-भरा स्कूलों…


Silence, the noisiest of all

Silence, I sayis not peacefulIt is bellicose, belligerent, beguileguarded in the cloaks of calm, composure and zen! It has this uncanny abilityto hit you hard,punch you in the stomachat the odd-est hourswhen you do not expect it at all! But after all these yearsof being bitten…


We Have No Home

Every year, millions of us move places to places to achieve our dreams, accomplish something bigger in our lives. And with each move, we leave or (atleast seemingly disconnect) from our homes or hometowns. We find solace – a place to be at – and…



the drink was named The Bird Cage, a concoction of many-a-alcoholic taste. And as we grow up and life gives us a reality check, I think the drink is so aptly named for the times we are a part of. ran a glance through the…


Oh those pink clad devils!

And few days back when I saw my facebook wall flooding with pink blossoms, I wished to scream it loud ‘Don’t fall in to the trap, Dare you not fall into the trap!’ Oh this pink painted canvas That mystically appears year after year Is…

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