It was not a long extended meeting with seniors, juniors and my own batch mates. A short one and lot to catch-up with so many of them. There were greetings, smiles and laughters. It was a feel good factor – always for the recently graduated batch (I suppose, they are still hungover with college 😛 )
And then I asked myself this question “why in the span of 26 years IIM Shillong happened to be the most loved phase of my life?” they all say Shillong is indeed a beautiful spot to hang around, you relax in the peace and tranquility and stuff like that. Some say sasti daaru and good stuff is what makes it more happening. And for some Rock music makes it all worthwhile. Oh yes, all of that is amazing to hold onto as reasons.
For me it is that bond that is formed over the two years and people cherish for lifetime. When you see your seniors catching up among themselves as if they had the tons of stories to share and joke upon…laughing out loud. When you see yourself in juniors (just as u were there a year back not realizing it shall end soon)
There is a warmth everytime we meet. From my personal experience, there were enough of ‘too good to be true times’ and quite bitter times but then at the end of it, nothing mattered. All what mattered is them – the people there. I don’t even know how to put it in words but we all clicked – we clicked so well. We do not know yet though how many of us shall keep in touch over the years to come but I am pretty sure even if some of us don’t, there shall still be warmth that each one of us would share and connect to.
I can whole heartedly say, the winds would not have been same without them, the pink blossoms that bring smile to everyone’s face might have gone unnoticed, neither the rains in Shillong would have been so playful and nor the tea would have tasted so well always, had they not been there with me.
In the real sense of time, Yes it has come to an end but in all its virtues it shall stay alive forever. IIM Shillong is not just an Alma mater, it turned out to be place where I unleashed myself and it gave me the whole liberty to live it my way. More importantly they (batchmates) accepted me as I were.
So yes, these fellas made me fell in love with IIM Shillong so intensely that I just Can’t get over it!
To Invictus, Cheers!!