I had just finished reading The Kite Runner. And yes I was upset. I was upset on the thought of people being uprooted from their hometowns and getting settled somewhere else. I was upset for there existed and there still exists clashes between people of different communities. I was upset how beautiful memories of yesterday become dragon killers of today. The moments you had enjoyed once inflict pain on being remembered. But does anything stops. No….nothing!
I will be turning 25 soon. and it seems like it was thing of yesterday when Dad would help me drive the bicycle over the steep slopes of Poonch and Mom would get me ready for the school. It all seems to have gone so fast. Times have changed. There is hustle bustle everywhere. There’s no peace, no pause button in our lives. There is a forward and fast forward button, just! There seems to be a race everyone is running against everyone.
Of late I have been quite upset about the way things have turned in the tide of time. People have become careless, love seems to be diminishing emotion, money has gained undue importance. But my thoughts would change nothing, not even a little. Talking to myself over and again I have understood just one thing that Life goes on and it shall not stop for a moment to make you recline back, breathe and relax. You have to do all this in due course of time with the pace of time. Only when you start seeing the pain in others’ lives, you understand that how blessed you are.
You will have to face many incidents in life when life would be rude to you but then remember there would definitely be times life has been utterly kind to you. There are thousand things on this beautiful earth to cherish and enjoy. Bas ek baar nazar dhoraake toh dekho, thoda apni pareshaaniyon se parda uthake toh dekho.
Wearing a smile is a tough thing to do and people will come and tell you that ‘You are faking’, let them say it for it is not easy to wear a smile irrespective of circumstances. Once you learn to wear smile, you would learn to wear it honestly too! But remember after all it is all about spreading smiles in this short little life we have got. I atleast consider them (smiles) the most precious commodity on the earth. Have strength, have courage, fear none, be yourself and be humane to the mankind.
Life is very much like flying a kite. There are moments we want to hold and moments we want to let go. And then there are dreams that we chase as the kite runner chases the kite after it is cut. No matter if you get hold of kite or not, what matters is whether you tried to do so.
Gather the strength of your dreams
Share the thoughts of your mind
Stand for whatever may come
Live Life now, because Life goes On