I think that is the power of Turning 30 – you gain multiple perspective about similar things. With a few you rebel – contemplate and think through while with the most of the rest – you make peace. And few months before I actually turn 30, I have reinforced my belief in the power and enigma of Time. I have always been a believer in the same but a few days back I chanced upon this Hindi movie Mausam (starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam). (Yes, you can go ahead and judge me for that. :D) And it brought back the cascade effect of how powerful Time is!
It ebbs and flows and so seamlessly. It moves on at a pace much faster than you even realise. While you are going through ups and downs of life, life stretching you apart, tearing your dreams, building the new ones – plotting a whole new construct for you – Life happens and Time just moves its own pace. In all its aplomb saying “To each its own!”.
What we are always pondering upon is situations (circumstances), people, things, past, or future to say the least. But one element we remain indifferent towards is – TIME. May be because to us – that is the only component which remains undeterred, keeps making its moves and seems constant while it is not. It watches us and laughs at us over our hysteria about Life. We run hither-thither wondering what to do! But Time – it captures in itself the essence of all that is quintessential. It is like a river that keeps flowing incessantly and takes along what comes its way. All you need to do is go with the flow!
When you watch this movie, you wonder how it moves from era to era making people meet, part ways – find joys and sorrows on the way. There are scenes having individuals alive, talking and post few years their photograph hung over a wall with a garland around it (depicting they are dead). The aslant movement from the first scene in 1988 to the one in 2002 spanning across and highlighting Punjab riots of 84, and Kashmir genocide in 89 and WTC attack in 2001 and riots in 2002. And then there are instances where you find people coming in and out of lives of each other to just be there at the moment and be their refuge and then move on. There are scenes which highlight the SONDER more than the protagonists. 
Isn’t that how it works for all of us? It does! Isn’t that how life always is? It is!
Top L-R: Amer Fort, Paintings in Amer Fort
Bottom L-R: Raja-Rani Temple in Bhubaneshwar, Gateway of India
All these images reflect an era – and we become witness to what survived the
the wave of time. There must be something magical about these that they
tend to define time because otherwise – Time defines itself
and we are just a passe!
Sometimes we take the centre stage and sometimes we are the backdrop. In the larger schema of things, eras are defined by something that is awfully terrible or something that has changed the course of history. (positive or negative)  And we – we remain the unknown characters in this larger schema but in our own life – we are the heroes! I fall in love with this concoction of where we are everything and where we are nothing at the same time. And this – this makes me fall in love with this concept and power of time and the switching of our roles all over again. 

That movie is so purely a reflection of how our lives move and intertwine seamlessly from months to months and years to years. The way time gives your hard times to how it heals you, how it fades away certain parts of memory and yet has the power to bring them alive at its own will. The way it challenges you with your courage and determination and then itself gives you a way too. It tests you, it hits you, it stumps you and the very next moment it helps you, it prevents you and protects you and then blesses you! It spins its magic and we are enthralled. 
This is real. This is bliss. And I love to reside in the arms of this euphoria called Time! To put it plain, that’s life! With every passing year, I wish to be more conscious of the time I am living now and believe in the power of present because that is the only ounce of time that I can interact with!

With this I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

The Seeker
looking forward to Welcome 2019