Land of Thunder Dragon
Two years have been full of treks, quick weekend getaways and lot of masti. Well, it was never about the destination but always about the journey where friends would catch upon a lot that was somehow missed in the busy schedule of the college. A few would join to just break the clutter and a few would join to pep up the spirits; a few would add melody of their voices and a few loudness of their throats. And it was always the conjuncture all this that would make it – the trip – a complete one.
But my trip to Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon – as it is famously known was not with these crazy beings. It was planned long back with family. After a lot of flight cancellations, tyre punctures, delay of the complete schedule (of a 4day trip) by 2 days, the trip finally did happen. Any trip with family for that matter is more of an organized holiday rather than pieces of instantaneous and indigenous fun. And so was it.
It so happened that at the time when my heart was overwhelmed with warm memories of the past, the void that (was overpowering ) was scathing me every now and then; trip just happened at the cusp of all this. But aisa hai ki ‘mann yeh bada baawra, behti hawa ke sang ho chala’.
The clear skies, the far-stretched green-blue-brown mountains and the near to heavenly cleanliness took me by awe. Not that I am not used to this hilly beauty and extravaganza but there was a silence – (oh the silence I am always in pursuit of!) – much needed and pacified my soul to an extent that could not have been done by anyone else or may be a few.
A few posts by friends about the greenery and the wow thing – somehow I couldn’t get that there. May be I was so accustomed to that sight of mountains, U-turn sightseeing and panoramic view or may be I was a few days late than the right time of the visit. (I visited in the first week of April) and how can I forget to mention that my friends got clicked with all those pink blushing blossoms but by the time I had reached, they had turned pale white – as if the love and the fight for the love was way past and they were relaxing being at peace with themselves – all in white.
The country was pollution free and something that everyone talks about and so shall I, were the roads – those seem less travelled by. Amazing roads without pits and holes, not the rocky roads on the rocky mountainous region. And the drive on those roads was the real treat. And then there was peace. Peace that I didn’t have to meditate to find or run after incessantly. Peace that I didn’t have to seek. Peace that was self-absorbing and self-reflecting. The peace that could be found everywhere. And yes this peace made me feel like – a country visited outside India (a place visited outside to find the strength inside). And it felt like abroad – yeah!
Someday if I decide to get lost and run away from the hustle-bustle of the daily vagaries of life, I would take the road less travelled by to Bhutan!                                                ~ The Seeker (Karan)