As the time approaches, the wedding craziness seems to be getting stronger and fervent. There is a lot of chaos in the head among which you are expected to rest in peace. Ironical, it may sound; the reality it is. And so do, of late, our conversations have been around life and goals. A year back we had not even thought of all this happening for next two-three years let alone few months. We were busy settling per se in our lives and jobs. But life has its tantrums which it throws on us at its own sweet will.
All we can do is adjust our sails accordingly.
‘Life and Goals are like the Alternate Cinema, where journey is more important than the ending!’
While all this happens, we wonder that there are no flower showers happening, there’s no extra shine in the stars and there is no dance in the rain sequence in realty. The soulful songs remain to be pieces of imagination. The only thing/emotion that persists is a continuous wave of happiness. But then where is all that we saw in the movies when growing up? Was it a sham?
Yes, it was! The love for movies made me watch works like Salim langde pe mat ro, Ek Doctor ki Maut, Ardh Satya recently. I was overwhelmed by the work considering the finesse and the fine details with which they were made.
Not the usual Bollywood stuff. In fact when you watch these movies, you will wonder if Bollywood actually produced such movies back then. These are classified as the alternate cinema – which when simplified means – harsh realities and facets of life, too dark to be taken in on a regular basis as you are already bogged down by them and giving you no source of entertainment while watching them. However they might give you a perspective. May be that’s why it is called Art or Parallel Cinema or the alternate Cinema. Now I understand why I always loved Onir.
No wonder the experts on cinema say that ‘The alternate cinema depicts real life and the reel life is the alternate reality!’
Coming back to the Life and Goals, times will come when the goals will seem like alternate reality almost convincing you to the point that they are unattainable and all this shall exist in the lala land. But one will have to shift gears to tell him/herself that the real life is supposed to be full of hardships, unending waves of lows and highs, fighting out the world million times and your own self may be billion times.
Against all the odds, the efforts and the zeal is something that is still in your hands. While I watched these movies, I realized all the actors who performed in such work were zealous actors. They left no stone unturned to give that perfect shot. Because at the end it doesn’t matter how many retakes you ask for, all what matters is the final outcome. I guess this is what ‘the mainstream cinema’ does to us – taking us away from the realities of life.
The fact howsoever being that there is no happy ending per se – as what is shown in the commercial cinema – but yes there can be a memorable journey with to be continued at every pause.
And here she sends yet another meme on Life and goals and we laugh it out together.
Cheers to the times to come!