It was 340km long stretch and nothing can get better than going on a such a drive with your best friend. The friend with whom you rarely discuss on serious matters sometimes in a candid chat gives you a lesson of lifetime….and so did happen with me. We were just chit-chatting about the last one year and the way it did go….lots of fun…late night shows…..those coffees at 2:00 a.m…oh gosh..nd the list goes on and on……And suddenly we came to a point where he told that we are so used to the comfort zone we live in. Was just not expecting that thing to come from him. But it took me two minutes to let that thought sink in and realise that “Yeah, he is absolutely right”.
There have been so many incidents about what I often complained but rarely did something about it rather than giving a thought and sinking in. Getting low and rising above it is the only thing I learned from this continuous process of complaining. And the fact was I had grown so used to all this that it never irked me and think beyond the shell. And here what I refer now is “The Comfort Zone”. You enter into comfort zone with difficulties and complaints too. Who says entering the comfort zone is to dig deep into the couch with a cuppa coffee or lying on that 3 foot soft mattress. The Comfort Zone lately caught all my attraction. Whatever we do, howsoever we live we just get so used to it that we do not do anything to change that course of action. We don’t bother to shift our ass off the same mundane routine. But we will never forget to complain about it though.
And just the same is happening in my Life. But I realised it right that to shun the comfort zone is the best one can do. Give yourself some pain, give some shift, shake your brain and prepare some plan. Give yourself the gift of change and it will work wonders. Dude, you had dreams, you dream about them daily but due to your comfort zone with the process of dreaming you do not do anything to achieve them. It involuntarily inhibits you from action. When something irritates you so much so you should change it.
For this you undoubtedly need constant motivation and drilling. You need somebdy to poke you now and then. And trust me guys, none other than your ownself is better person to do this. You need to remind yourself again and again not to indulge in that comfort zone. And the ones who leave their comfort zone are the ones who attain that pinnacle of success and achievements. Had it been Gandhi would have accepted the slap on the one cheek and taken with gratitude the shun from the train, India would not have got freedom. Had it been Abraham lincoln would have accepted to study all his life under street lamp and not moving forward, he would not have been so eminent a personality. Not going too idealistic but it is a fact.
We can also do the same thing. At work when we feel saturated, learn more and leave your comfort zone. At home when you feel bore with yourself, adopt new things, indulge in new activities. When a relationship becomes a drag, innovate new feelings and emotions and way of expressing it. When it becomes tough to parent the kids, be the kids yourself. Towards society when you feel some change is needed, work for it rather than making it dining table discussion.
After all it is all about change. It is all about leaving The Comfort Zone!! And Sooner the Better!!