“What could be the definition of a perfect day you wished to live?” – asked the magician!
Everybody wrote their answers and sent across to the magician. The magic didn’t work. The magician tried hard fulfilling the wishes but all in vain.
It was almost the same for me last few months. I had looked everywhere, asked all possible magicians to give me one day (atleast) to live the way I wish to live. Nothing seemed to work. It was a tornado which was succumbing me into it.
And then one fine day, it so happened that I got up and said to myself “I give a damn, and I am going to live the way I wish to live – my happiness is mine”. Yeah it demanded effort to get over my state of mind but it was not impossible. And just a week had passed, and see the transformation!
8 august 2015 that is today!
The day started with office boy coming with a plate full of chocolates sent by the executive team in US for all of us here in India. A sweet little gesture of telling that we are remembered.
I ate the Bounty and the Sneakers and got to taste Milky bar from a colleague because the office boy stopped me from taking more than two chocolates (tongue in cheek smiley). They all tasted good by the way. As soon as I had my taste buds relishing the taste, I turned back to the laptop in the want to finish off the work and not drag it to home for a weekend or to the next week in any case. A little thought of selfishness of not spoiling my weekend, may be!
It was just an hour passed or so when I heard lot of sound and talking happening in the pantry (the favourite hangout for all of us) which luckily I realized not so late or else I would have not have had chance to get those sumptuous delicacies brought by colleagues. Not sure if everyone got it, but all the sharing that happened brought wide smiles along with ‘ye dil maange more’ expression on the faces.
A little sharing and caring that worked the magic and brought each one of us a little closer to each one of us.
Everybody got back to their work finishing off the tasks-assignments-training, etc. the weekend had already started, I suppose. The office that is generally dead (almost) was buzzing with lot of activity and everyone was moving to the common room where the jamming session had begun. People had got guitars, keyboard; the milieu was all set, the energies all high. Enough audience to fill the room and cheer them up. A little music of everyone’s choice!
Meanwhile I had gone for a quick ride to grab a cuppa chai with nice music on, before I forget to mention in a plush Scorpio 😉 was already an omen ‘this weekend is gonna be great!’ A little outing indeed!
And while they played (at the jamming session) All of me by John Legend, it confirmed my belief that a little positivity every day is assured to bring you back lot of happiness.
A little laughter, a lot of smile, an ounce of good food with happy souls, some random music and an open hearts are enough to fill your life with happiness and fulfill your wish of living a day you might be looking for.
I got to live one! I am sure you will too!