So while I can absorb a movie with all the intensity, I am not good at writing any movie reviews. And hence even this one is also not an attempt to comment on the movie either. Though it goes without saying that Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte have been flawless and were as absorbed in characters as they got me soaked into their action.
For a movie like this which is too eccentric, it is practically tough to hold viewer’s attention throughout. But it managed. All of the time when I was watching the movie there was this constant thought in the hindsight that it is all about the journey. It is about all that you lose and that you gain, about what you leaned and unlearned, about what caught you and left you in all these years. It made me ponder, does results even matter at the end?
Was the movie made just because a road was made out of mountain or was it made because of the #madness that had caught Dashrath Manjhi to deliver that road? It gets esoteric when you see an ordinary man chasing a dream as big as making the mountain fall. It reinforced my feeling that rationale and logical reasoning are just not enough for any pursuit. Reasons, for which the whole world will poke you are nothing and best left unexplained.
The love – the intense love, the pain – the dreadful pain, the intensity…the madness is what drives you. For who try to find reason behind everything shall get only what will be justified by reasoning but the ones who defy the conventionality will open their world to something defied by natural laws.
The movie has got me into that state of mind which I believed to exist – the utmost ecstasy.  While we live our lives all comforted and relaxed, I am sure each human has that utmost desire inside to get stung by a passion so relentless and captivating that it keeps him/her alive all the way. That crazy love for one thing, that one #madness which then becomes the ultimate objective of our lives. That one thing that gives you the satiating pain and the incomplete happiness; the desire enough to stop but passion enough to pursue!
After all the journey does matter (even if results are what you looking for). I am sure we are all looking for our that Manjhi – The Madness!