A teacher alone? Or books shall be sufficient enough? Maximum we can think of is a combination of both so as to ensure that what is there in the books reach effectively to the students. Unfortunately this is far fetch a reality.
I have always believed in the supremacy of the education. Because I believe Education alone can get us rid of many a vices that are so ingrained in our system and society. Be it corruption, lackadaisical attitude, indifference, lack of civic sense, economic disparity, – all these could be easily eradicated once we ensure that each and every child born is given education.
This left me wanting to work towards this cause. I wanted to make myself available in the best possible capacity. And it took me to volunteer with Teach For India. While I attended workshops, sessions by social influencers talked to different stakeholders and met people who have created a huge impact in the lives of impoverished sect, I saw the other side of reality up and close.
Education – it turns out – is beyond education. Too many hurdles in the ecosystem that prevent a child from consuming education.
Elder sibling studying, hence no education to the second child; an idle father, children have to earn; mothers working as helpers, children do not want to study; not so congenial atmosphere at home, high rate of dropouts and etcetra, etcetra.
And the ones who reach to school have no infrastructure (I am not talking about benches here but toilets, boards, electricity and sometimes even teachers are missing).
In such a pity state of affairs this becomes almost next to impossible that children will attain education in its entirety and ever. This seems to be no closure deal! Saddening though but it makes me to believe that organisations alone cannot overcome this problem unless people like you and me take a step forward.
While I talk to you about all this, I sincerely urge each one of you reading this to make small little attempts to provide these children education. Some of the simple ways that come to my mind are:
  • Share the food with your helpers and offer them food for their family members if you can
  • Do not belittle them and create happy work places for them so that they can spread the same congenial atmosphere when they reach their homes
  • Talk to them about civic and other issues (abuse, etc.) they are facing and help them overcome them
  • If finances permit you, sponsor somebody’s education
  • If time permits, be a teacher to children in the locality
  • Educate them about the importance of health and fitness
  • Share with them civic values in a language/gesture they can understand
While at home, these are few steps we can take to spread the wings of education because Education is beyond just education. It is the ecosystem that promulgates the importance and acceptance of education. This danutsav– Joy of Giving week, let us pledge that we in our best possible capacities shall give the gift of education.
For one child we help getting educated
Can lit the spark in the lives of yet another million
And you never know where and when a seed sown
Shall reap the healthiest of the harvests