I sat there all morose wondering what were I up to when I booked the tickets to this movie. And was it for real that 3 wonderful actors chose to be a part of this project. Sluggish I would like to call it, the canvas dark and dull at the same time, but one thing that held was the mystery that swarmed the characters and the plot. Consistence and Coherence in a story, they say, is a bull’s eye. So yes, it was!
15minutes into the movie and it engrossed me – scene after scene – cut after cut. Lo, the movie got over and the verdict was given!
Right or Wrong? Now that’s the question it let open to the viewers.
It took me back to my childhood where the Moral Science classes taught us the difference between the good and the bad. The Ram was good and The Ravan was bad. The Pandavas were good and the Kauravas bad. Abusing was bad and Praising was good. Cut to the routine matters, to stop at red light was good and to cross at yellow was bad. Helping others was good and so on…so forth.
Let us have a relook. As we grew “older”, Ram shouldn’t have asked Sita for agni-pareeksha (and Ram didn’t seem too good after all these years); Pandavas should have withheld the desire of gambling Draupadi (not getting into the intricacies here) and then they won because of debauchery. If praising others have ulterior motives, one cannot be sure if being kind is good or bad; may be you crossed the yellow signal to save a life at the crossing.
Eventually we realised it was not so easy to demarcate the good from the bad. Nobody told us back then that there were grey areas too.
What seems good from this side might be vicious from some other perspective and what is seemingly bad might have a positive intention. So how do we define what is good and bad. It’s tough!
Intention or the Act? Which one will you chose?
Same is the case in the movie too. It sheds light on this issue of we being so opinionated about the good and the bad. If what happened was right or wrong? The Good and The bad can be illusion and then there is 3rd side which is The Real. And according to me this real is the redemption which is the third side of a situation and no one can escape it irrespective of the intention or the act. We have to face it. (How, When, Where; even I don’t know) this part of uncertainty and leaving content to subjectivity is what makes me feel that we as an audience are maturing and movie makers are finally comfortable making movies which are open ended.
And when I thought over it, it happened to me that may be this is the reason the movie was named TE3N! , because it is not about the good vs the bad. It is about The Good. The Bad. The Real.