It’s amazing to be here on earth as a human being as I always say. You get a family (by default) and friends (by choice) and out of all the people you meet in your lives, there are few you want them to be there forever, such is their aura and presence that 犀利士
they make you feel comfortable in your skin and your thoughts. I call them The Comforting Souls.
They make you feel you and give you the sense of happiness in being yourself. They give us the opportunity to be beyond what we are in front of everyone and open up ourselves in the darkest of times. They hold you when you are flying high and when low, they only tell you how to fly. These people are your saviours, these people are the ones we all need in our lives. And I feel there’s no specific day to say THANKS to them. So here is an ode to all such people in my life.

there are people you will come across
in the journey of life, at every toss
of all the mortals, there will be few
the ones with whom you will be you
in the vicinity of all noise and drama
when the sunken soul would need a lift
of peace that would be desperately needed
these chosen ones will be there to give a drift
of there will be you the world will greet
but there will be you only they will meet
for thousand such emotions you can’t express to everyone
they will stand there to listen to your stories like none
only if we could make out for ourselves who these souls are
probably much before life pauses and takes you afar
it is these people whose presence can silence your demons alone
at the end it will be they who, in the darkness too, would have made you shone!!

Love you for being there in my Life!!