There are times when you want the doors to be closed
The lights of your room to turn off at the slightest knock
The curtains of your room to fall even before the dusk
And you want to lie down all alone in the dark with your thoughts
Amazing it is that you do not want to close your eyes
But in the thinking of your own world, you get engrossed
Thinking about the past, giving your future a thought
You just want to give your life a toss
It’s all seemingly amazing at your hands, yet you wait for the spark
Not about the life you are living, but the life you wish to ask for
Estranged you find yourself in your own skin and inside the heart
There are tasks calling for you, yet you find yourself in sloth
Locked inside your room, you wish to lit a cigarette
Not because it will give you a kick, but to get lost in the smog
Stranded you feel like in the midst of your journey ahead
Screams from inside shake you to find yourself a path
Caged you feel doing what you were always asked for
For once you just want to set yourself free
Leaving the bondages behind and touching the sky so high
Though after the flight, would love to rest on the home tree!