Thanks to the curve called smile

For it hides all the tears gushing like nile

To you though the world seems blurred

But to the world you seem all right!


Thanks to the curve called smile

For when the going gets tougher

And you cocoon yourself in a shell

It gives you the strength all the while!


For each and every moment, you breathe

And despair’s overtaking the hope in guile

Smile in its innocence and purity

Reasons to keep it all going even in disguise!


In those times of loosing yourself to fate

When nothing seems worth giving a damn

For the moments of glory and pride you wait

Smile alone makes it all worthwhile!


In the pangs of self inflicted pain

When you succumb rather than rise

All stalled and seems to go in vain

Just make an attempt and wear a smile!


Thanks to the curve called smile J