The zeal you see all over, the patriotic fervor that boils on this day,
there is a gutsy wind blowing around and the enemies of progress sway in the hay!!

It is just not a day of commemorating the 100yrs long battle for freedom of India. It is a day to keep the spirits for the nation alive. It is day that tete-a-tetes with you many a tales that give you the message of doing and dying for the nation. Today when you stand amidst the political drama, economic chaos, and a state of anarchy where you do not see your nation progressing as it should, this day has arrived to keep your spirits, belief and strength high and upbeat. When nothing could deter our freedom fighters from freeing the nation from the British Raj, nothing can stop us from breaking the shackles of so weak elements like corruption, money laundering, nepotism, etc. “We Shall overcome” is the line that suffices the need of the hour.

Independence Day is a day that reminds us of Unity in Diversity, tens and hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects, various cultures and ethnicity and yet One India. This is the beauty of our nation. It is a day that reminds us of our rich cultural heritage and strong roots that take us to Sanskrit on the basis of which European languages are derived and the concept of zero by Aryabhatta around which the world dances. It tells us the oldness of our culture and the times immemorial since it has been carried forward to us. It gives us a reason larger than life to live for this country. There is no doubt that the liberty with which we stay here, we would rarely find any other such place. Now it is our onus to keep it protected and in safe hands. It becomes our duty to work for its progress, development and integrity. Each individual is an integral part of the nation so unless each one of us pledge to work towards the communal peace and harmony and unconditional togetherness, we would  not be able to achieve the aim of a Developed India.
We should keep in mind that we are not too far but yet there is a lot that needs to be done to accomplish our aim. Lets not waste our time in bandhs and hartaals and blame games. Lets get one in working towards the development and progress of the nation. The Tiranga itself depicts saffron for sacrifice, white for peace and green for development and the chakra for moving nation that never stands still. We should make a point that rather than accusing others of their faults and mistakes, we make sure that we perform our duties well and understand our rights properly. We are the face of this country and what we do is reflection of what this country has taught us. Lets pledge that WE:
ñsave the environment of the nation and make it as much pollution-free as possible,
ñdo not harm the public property and the public in any form.
ñdo not promote any sort of division on the basis of caste, colour or creed.
ñunderstand the meaning of democracy and practice it to the benefit of the nation and hence Republic of India.
ñEach step of ours though how much soever insignificant contributes to the development of the nation.
ñAnd last but not the least whatsoever the circumstances arise we shall stay UNITED.
Come this day and we promise each other a Happy&Prosperous INDIA!
Hataash hone ki koi wajah nahi, hum sahilon ko paa lenge
toofaan jitne bhi uthenge, hum desh ko apne un toofanon se nikaal lenge!