It was a few days ago when I logged into my facebook account after quite a while. I realised it was nearly a month. I started scrolling down the newsfeed. After 4-5min of non-stop wild goose chase, I realised I couldn’t find updates from many of those. Those – some of them who were (are) my friends, my juniors or seniors, some who I had befriended on facebook. Some of these folks were quite active at some point of time. But they are nowhere to be found today. 
No it ddin’t make me sad, it made me wonder. As if I wanted to start a search operation into where they are, how are they doing, what are they upto? Is everything fine with them? An instant urge to connect with those faces with who I had made contact and knowingly or unknowingly established a bond. But their existence has been left to a few meagre updates now and then. It reinforced many-a-thoughts that I had had over the period of one last month.
And I wanted to write to you all to share what I felt inside. 
I found myself in situation where I was forced to think if doing what satisfies my ego is important or doing the right thing better? And as I am, (though many of you feel or think of me as an extrovert), when it comes to my personal life I am quite a bottled-up person. It takes a JCB to move the mountain that culminates inside. 
But I realised that it is very important to do the right thing. Do your shit well. You might have to put 100% irrespective of returns you are getting. This might be simpler in personal dealings but applies to the professional interactions as well. Once you start doing that, there is a sea of calmness that takes over your mind, heart and soul. And this my dear friends – will make you at peace with yourself. And a peaceful mind implies better and clear thought process and hence it starts reflecting in our actions too.
But does it end here? Absolutely No! If you think doing right on your part makes you call for the best of fruits and results, you are wrong. The Difficulty of being good is it will be tested more than anything els to check for the resolve. Be prepared for the same. But at the end of it, it is all worth it! So make goodness contagious – you might think that it is rather an infection but it is like roots that spread deep inside only to nurture greener shoots.
While I write to you all, I found that many of us do not communicate and share enough. We keep so much to our own self. May be we are afraid of being judged or scoffed at. May be we think what we are thinking is a hallucination of our mind. It is not. Rather share what is that thought or emotion that brews a storm inside and what is that pacifies the noise inside. Friends, there is so much noise outside and in this constant whirring we forget about the noise inside ourselves. But this needs to be addressed. we cage too much inside but lets learn not to bottle-up. 
At the behest of all of this life will not seem simple. You will find life convoluting day after day. And you shall wonder just the way I do if it is worth it? You will find so many people around you who are shallow. Life will or has already started seeming a rogue race to you and you are wondering how far can you go. May be very far or may be not! There is more that needs to be chewed and it just gets worse. 
It is not all hunky dory but it is not all that gloomy. May be by sharing with you I am convincing myself too about life being a beautiful journey and hitting the right chords. I have learned to be slow in judging others and being more kind to what comes my way. Our friends, families and bunch of mad folks make it all the worthwhile. They care about us and our caring for them just eases the journey. Pinging them for no reason, keeping in touch is always good. Life will always be complex or too busy to find the right moment, right time but they are going to be your silver lining in a sky shrouded in clouds. They are your healers and you are theirs. 
To all of you, dear facebook friends, in whatever corner of the world you are, reading this or not so; I am happy that you are caught up with things to deal in the real world and you are doing the right thing by disappearing for a while or even so more. More power to you! Lets together make this world a better place to live, there is a long way to go and it can’t be a no show!
For all those who are wondering what is all this chaos for?