Yes, you got it right! It is the new address of where my thoughts will find a home from now on (and a little more than that). A collection of all the random ramblings that I do in the middle of the day over my work-screen, in between work and breaks; at the back of the notebooks (yes, notebooks is still a thing ) or cook up in my head in the middle of the night when I am not able to fall asleep!

I intend to scribble them – save them all here. I thought that my thoughts were so over-flowing and then started to leaking from here and there, now and then – why not rather tap them into a bucket somewhere. Hence thebuswindow – the home to all that I observe, think and write.

But did this happen yesterday, or 3 weeks before or 2 months before or an year earlier? NO.  The thought of putting this all together culminated some 6 years ago. I started writing poetry at the age of 12 and had this notebook kept for long till I realised I lost 3 poems because the pages were torn. I do not know but that punched me hard. I went and bought this new notebook to copy over all my work into the fresher, bigger notebook scoping out for the future work. This, I am talking about the year 2007.

After that there was no looking back. Through ups and down, over a smile or a frown, all I wanted to do was write! So far poetry is concerned – those pieces still find way into that notebook and then another one as I completed by 113th  poem (and most of them are not public yet). There has always been this inkling in mind of where do I put all of this together and make it into something that is more meaningful. But I din’t know where!

In 2012 (after writing for for almost 4 years), I started writing for J&K’s leading daily – Daily Excelsior. And I continue to do so. The volume of the written work increased so much with poetry, Op-Ed pieces and my personal blog (, which started 11 years ago) that, I had to resort to having folders in my system and hard drive, which I was totally not happy with. I wanted to weave all of this into one cohesive story and here I am!

But I was confused – I could not understand what connected all of this together. What would be the common theme or what would be the objective of putting this all together? And just to put them together, was it a reason enough?  So, I went back and started reading what I was writing and producing. For whom I was writing, was I addressing any specific issue or trying to bridge the lacunae that existed, if at all. And I knew I had the answers.

In an attempt of contemplating my work, I knew I was putting the oblivion, under-stated, for-guaranteed in front of you. (or actually in front of my own self). I was weaving this version of the world where we are more conscious of our thoughts and actions, and about others’; engage in heart-to-heart conversations with all what surrounds us and connect with surroundings for real; and where we understand that destinations are important but journeys are to be revered and enjoyed. This lead to thebuswindow.

Thebuswindow delves into these three values:

  1. Picking up life (observe and absorb all that is around and surrounds us)
  2. Connecting for real (be it family, friends, colleagues or nature – be invested in them genuinely beyond whatsapp, casual pings and some random virtual movements)
  3. The journey does matters (rather than just emphasizing on milestones alone, enjoy the journey as well)

It comprises of the following sections:

Drishtikone: it covers any and everything under the sun. It is just a perspective. You can have your own and we can talk over it, always! The Maincourse!

Poetry: When there’s no one you can share your pain or joy with, words are no less a respite to be your one-in-all. Desserts please!

#randomthoughts: in the fast paced, totally consumed life, random rantings at the random hours of the day – they are your snack for some quick food for thought. 犀利士 Did we miss starters?

Op-Ed: some real talk, some awakening, some avenues – all that can stir a society up to break free itself from the shackles of the past. Is intellect a thing for real? Oh salad, you mean!

Because, there’s more to life than we think! Peek-a-boo from thebuswindow!

To soak in this little more from life, you will find 2 other sections where we (you and I) would come together to make it happen!

‘Theme of the Month’ – where we will be picking up one motto for the month and practice that for the next 30 Days or so. For example, the running motto (if you see the side nav-bar) is “Be Thankful”, where we share this emotion of being thankful for whatever we have and get riddance of the complaining behaviour. Themes will keep moving from month on month and we aim to make this a movement rather than just signing up for a theme for 30days! I am still working on building a feature where you will be able to signup for the theme by Voting Yes. But there’s a little time to it before we start making a dent in the universe!

Art – Here, all of you awesome artists – be painters, cartoonists, photographers can share your work for the world to see the world through your lens. This page will host all of that to let people see the beauty of the world beyond boundaries. If you know a friend, cousin, uncle or aunts or anyone in your acquaintance – let them know about where they can put some heart on the wall and some over everybody’s heart!

So, thebuswindow is not just a blog, it is your window to see the world with a fresh lens, establish a connect with all that exists, and feel thankful and happy about it! It is you and me – putting our thoughts on a canvas. It is you and me – ranting our madness over a cup of chai. It is you and me – promising to add some fresh colours to the world. It is you and me – fighting over acceptance and denials. It is you and me – wanting to find sanity in the insanity. it is you and me – finding time in the race against time. It is you and me – trying to enjoy the journey called life, together! No, thebuswindow is not just a blog, it is a movement where we are all in it together!

Hope you enjoy the ride!