365 days pass and every year at this point of time we have goals set for the next 365 days with some of the previous’ year left over added onto the list of coming. Sans generalising, I would say deep inside each one of us expect our coming year to be happening and prosperous. So do I. But the thing that matters is how mush we work towards achieving that. And for those who achieve, did they achieve satisfaction with that? Life is definitely not needed to be made complex but undoubtedly, it’s not tat easy too. There are certain questions that come and go in our brains. It’s solely upon us to decide which ones need to be answered. Life is just one time opportunity. Recently I read that “add life to your days and not days to your life”.  And it struck chord with with what I think. So true!! It’s one the best gifts that could be bestowed on us. So why waste this? Live it the way that spreads happiness and joy around.
You had fun time with your friends but did you sit with your sibling for a while sharing some b’ful moments?
You bought a new cell, called each friend – did you call your parents often to know if how are they doing?
You achieved your goal, did you go and thank your teacher/gurus who made you capable
of achieveing that (you believe or not)?
You used the hell out of it, did you give it something back (referring to Nature)?
You made lotsa of friends on social networking sites, did you call any one of them when they were in need?
At the end did you give 100% to any of the relationship or any of the task? I believe the maximum you gave was to your ownself…but I wish life was just about living your own life then we would have born in a socially segregated -isolated-secluded society.
We did courtesies but that too when it suit us or it came as an obligation. I do not impose or thrust this upon you. But just for a while think, if you did something voluntarily with happiness for someone. Just think if there was a sincere effort to see smile on somebody’s face?
Live your life , live it your way but in that way just have some space for your near and dear ones, for things around you. They need your attention, they need your love-sincere love. Life will be beautiful this way-worth enjoying.
To quote Charlie Chaplin “My pain may be the reason for somebody’s laugh.
But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain.” (think!!)

Come this year, Come our efforts with total sincerity. Lets PLEDGE!!