Ravana ko maarna baad mein, pehle dhoond to lo
The first step towards killing the Ravana is tough. But the zeroth step towards the same is tougher – Finding the Ravana.
Yeh kalyug hai, itna bhi mushkil nahi hona chahiye Ravana ko dhoondna (it shouldn’t be that tough to find Ravana)
But where do you start – Ravana after all is not going to be 10 headed monster anymore. It is just like you and me masked in the human form with a wicked hint to their personality (shrewdness or smartness you may call it or they proclaim so)
Ravana – I tell you – sits in your home, sits at your workplaces, may be is sitting next to you, or even nearer (or maybe within you).
No, this time I am not going to tell you – that kill the Ravana inside you or filter the good from the bad. Good vs Bad is subjective and the so called intelligence seems to have blur the lines. After all somebody’s good “has” to be at the cost of someone else’s “bad”. Fair Deal, Isn’t it?
Recently I came across people who are good, respected in society but what is not right is ‘their silence’ over matters that should really concern them. Their silence because of the family pressures and de-facto stand they should take irrespective of them being aware of what is right and what is wrong.
Giving in to these pressures is what is makes them as much Ravana as the real one. I used to believe The silence of the Good is as evil as the evil itself. But now I swear by it.
If you find your boss bullying you or any other colleague taking undue advantage of you, stand up and raise the concern. You discuss or debate but you have to point out and sort that out. Character Assassination, Blame Game and Being Belligerent is easy, tough is to stand up against the wrong.
If you have family members who are irrational and vengeful, induce negativity around and non-responsive to warmth – shake them up; show them some light. May be their soul needs more nourishment than rest. Give them that love and warmth. Make them believe in the power of relationships, love and warmth.
At the end if you find yourself giving into the wordly pursuits and the rat-race; shake yourself too, shake off the dirt, lift above from the ground – tell yourself that there is more to what you are getting into.
Trust me your conscience knows when are you indulging in the wrong deed. Stop. Prevent. Correct! It is never too late.
But all this can be done only and only when you have been able to practice The Step One. Love and Karma are answer to each of your soul stirring questions. But this time (this yug) – let the good not fall silent. Spread goodness. Spread awesomeness. That is what you are meant for. That is what we are meant for.
Mysore Palace (Amba Villas Palace)
This year, I spent my Dussehra at the world-famous Mysore where the goddess killed the Mahisashuru (from where it is derive the word called Mysore). It was crowded and there must been many Ravanas roaming around but at the same time it was lit-up even more so that Ravanas can be spotted with ease. Amidst so much randomness, all that caught my attention was strict order and amazing hospitality that could manage a celebration of such a huge scale. (if you read in between the lines only Love (the hospitality) and karma (maintaining order) could make this feat possible).
Spot the Ravana! And Stand Up against Ravana – Because that would ned more courage than to kill Ravana!