Let’s connect for real!

Alarm. Wake-Up. Get ready. Basically be presentable. Put on – your social masks…and get set GO! Repeat! In this race, we often tend to miss the silhouettes of life.

We are attracted to something extra-ordinarily glorifying or something which is extremely miserable. We live at the peripheries. Amidst all this chaos we forget to be ears to the chirpings of the birds, the tree that stands just at the turn of the road, the sunset that is still visible from the rooftop of our houses, laughter of children while playing on the street. And sometimes we forget – what ourselves would want to be or who we really are.

We start orchestrating an image of ourselves that is defined by haves and have nots of life. We forget that we are beyond that.

But too focused on the goals, uhh? If somebody may ask. Deliverables, at work and at personal front too. All that matters is how good you perform and how many have you struck off the bucket list.

On the go, we meet many a people. Some become our friends, some tear open our souls. While others breeze through and some always remain a stranger. The journey goes on. While we grow up in this journey called life, we become extrapolations of the circumstances we fought, we succumb to and the ones we just made peace with.

And in this rapid-paced life, we tend to forget establishing connection with our own selves let alone what surrounds us. Our family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or the omniscient nature – they all become a mere presence. They exist, they do but to our ignorance.

They become a part of whatsapp good morning quotes, appreciation and escalations, casual hi and byes. And at most we all become a part of those virtual facebook groups and other interest groups. But I ask you – do we really connect with them? do we really care for any of them? Do we even really care for our own self? I doubt.

Let’s pick up our phones and buzz the people we miss rather than just texting them. Let’s show our care and concern beyond just wishing on birthdays and anniversaries. Let’s just hug them and show our appreciation. Let’s lend a helping hand and show them that we are in it together. Let’s give others the confidence and trust that we will be there for them – whenever they would need. In the middle of the afternoon or in the wee hours of the night. Because what is the best thing we can give others – A promise! and what is the best thing we can give ourselves – Hope!

Let’s us just plant some trees and keep that water outside the house for the birds and the animals to drink. Let us just stop – stop for a while – and take care of our own self. Because only once we have connected with our own self – will we be able to connect with others around us.

Hence thebuswindow, where we believe that connecting for real helps in healing the world as a place!