An Ode to Indian Cinema!
 Bombay Talkies: The first publicly listed Film Studio
Lights, Camera and Action
you worked hours till you attained perfection
Actors, Producers and Directors
mind boggled on miniscule factors
technicians and musicians, with their expertise
made masterpieces which became a legacy.
In your work, you reflected
The scene prevalent in society
You acted as our mirror
Whether it was independence or it was corruption
You always made a point, though tacit
With tenacity, you pointed the direction.
Clockwise: Dadasaheb Phalke,Himanshu Rai (owner of Bombay Talkies),
Devika Rani (who discovered Dilip Kumar and baptised Madhubala)
You celebrated with us our joys
And mourned our sorrows too
But what went in your lives
Neither we cared nor we knew
Glam-sham and paparazzi we linked you with
Gossip mongers we became, forgetting you were humans too.
But it’s the time to say THANK YOU
For all what you did and what you still do
Raja Harishchandra to Bombay Talkies
You held us glued to the screens
Celebrating 100yrs of Indian Cinema
We wish you many more feats to achieve!
Love: An admirer of Indian Cinema