The Woman!!
Completing the world……!!
Every year this day comes and goes just like another day. Yes, rightly picked up, I am talking about Women’s Day that falls on 8th of March every year. From far West to the extreme East, it has caught attention of almost everyone and the world celebrates this day to mark the  social, political and economic achievements of women and to show the respect, love and admiration for her. But to conclude it up, you would get that all on one long page on Wikipedia telling you ins and outs about this day. My point is little different. I have always held women in high esteem and subject of completeness. And I feel it important not to let go this day just like that.

She has been considered symbol of forbearance, tolerance and affection for ages. She has been gifted with the power of taking this world further. She holds that seed in her womb for nine months nurturing it with utmost care. It is she who can put constraints on herself. It is she who can refrain herself from indulging in any such activity that gives pleasure just to her and satisfy her own need. She has got that power of sacrifice and no one else. And one fine day she bears that pain of relieving that new life on this earth. It is she only who can bear that extreme pain. She deserves that respect and admiration.

From the time she is a child at her father’s house where she spreads that smile on everyone’s face and wins the hearts of family to the times she grows and becomes a friend with everyone, to the times she matures and solves everyone’s problems in fraction of seconds. She is a sibling’s best friend ever. And one day she gets married and goes to her husband’s house and makes it a home. It is she only who can sacrifice her own family and land and move to other place to get that family and land flourish and nourish. Probably that is the sole reason, we say in Hindu scriptures “A girl brings in luck with herself”, so respect her always.

From here her deeds have no end. From a daughter in a new house, to a wife, a kin, to a mother, she is one-in-all. She takes care of each and every small thing. She shares the pain of her family she left back, participates in the happiness of the family she is a part of now. She listens to her husband’s needs and fulfils at the same time her kid’s demands. She finds the utmost happiness in giving her life to the family there and here now. She completes both the worlds. She is “sampoorn” (complete as a whole).

I happen to see woman at both ends in my Mother and Sister. And I can definitely see, it is they only who complete my and Dad’s world in the best possible ways. My Mom complements the Dad in a way a wife can only do and sister spreads the happiness in a way only she can do.

This Women’s Day, say to your woman, A Very happy Women’s Day!! Feelings alone do not do wonders, sometimes you have to give them shape to make a difference. Make the women in your life feel important and special. I just did. Are you going to?