Gone are the days, when I would go gaga over to the last drop of soft drink in the can. And Frooti would moisten the lips in a way nothing else could. As you grow, so does your taste and choices. Certain things we adapt because of our own happiness and certain things get themselves adapted. One such thing is TEA, in my life. It got itself adapted in a way that I can imagine how addicts behave when they don’t get the dose. Nothing to flaunt about it but Tea has come to my life as a rescue, as a friend, I can just get back to any time of the day.
The evening is still fresh in my mind when after a long tiring day, I had a chance to sit in Taj Café. Picking the menu card and then start searching for the cheapest thing available on that list. Tea was the item in the itinerary that saved my prestige Rescue for the first time!!. But that still cost One hundred and twenty five bucks. Damn you, I said in my heart but I guess the disgruntle I caused was quite visible. But I didn’t have to repent on that cost spent as it gave me a flavor so mine and full of life. It was worth it friends, trust me.
From the crazy, whacky hours of class at college I remember, we would get a word edgeways all through the staircase, pushing away the crowd heading towards the Nescafe counter to get the first kick of the day. And it used to be simply waow!! Friends, Birdwatching and Tea. Perfect Combo!! Rescue for the adrenaline rush 😉. Engineers when study, the world knows, a day before exams and we would get tea at the corridors.犀利士
It would be relieving. All the headache, slumber and laziness would be gone and Tea would come to the rescue again. I remember it used to be the time, each room you would easily get a pack of cookies to complement tea. And so did we.
The days passed and I thought our companionship was just till then. But I was so wrong. The day I started working, away from home was the day I felt alone the most. There was no one except this Tea. And our companionship grew stronger. Yeah, once again to the rescue. The nostalgic nights, the loneliness followed by irascible work would be eased out by that cuppa chai, be it at the vendor at the road side or the office canteen. Then there were times when there was a weird emptiness, a lot missing, sipping that hot cup of tea would relax me more than a therapeutic drug would have. With every sip, I would colour that fading memory, I would smile on that silly joke and would hold that cup as if my love. The tea became more just than tea.
Today, I work in night shift and Tea has become an obligation to keep myself going and active or else I get mail from manager asking my productivity. So tea again came to rescue. And I just can’t imagine a day without tea. Just that I don’t know, shall I thank Chinese for inventing it or the people who serve me hot tea? They all deserve one. Thanks.
And to the TEA, My Saviour, You are missed and loved both. I have grown addicted to you!!