Turning 23!!

364 days, I wait for this day to come and this time it was 365. But whatever it is , it is an awesome feel to celebrate the “ME” in me. Life is really short and this thought strikes me even more strongly when I read an History book or visit an archaeological site. Dude, they live longer than you, the non-speaking, non-expressive yet the flamboyant histories of someone who lived long ago, once upon a time. So why not I being an expressive, a locomotive and living being live my life with all charm and zeal. I do not know if this is the number of years I have lived speaking these lines or the very innate nature of mine.
Completing 23 years today but I wont say “yeh aise hi nikalge”. I have lived each moment till now and each moment and the memories associated with the moment are deep rooted. Obviously some are good and some are bad. Good ones have encouraged me always to live vibrantly and bad ones have made me realise the ground realities. In fact the polished me is because of those painful moments only. There is lot of love in my life (please stop speculating, love has different forms 🙂 ). I have been gifted with awesome family, wonderful siblings and mind blowing friends. They add meaning to my life in the best possible ways and no day is better than today to say them “A Heartfelt thanks”.
I still remember the days when I used to go back home from matador stop because of reluctance to go to school. I still can smell that “chooran” that I used to eat from the vendor outside DAV Poonch. The memories of Ms Meera Soni (principal of my Primary School) hugging me and applauding me are still fresh. The whole lot of friends I made in ASR are still with me. I never knew that the strict and true words of Mrs. Vijay Puri would form the pillars of what I am today. The teachers who have nurtured the me in me are still in touch and I still seek their blessings. The recent past is still alive (college days) and I have found friends of life time. Since the time, I have landed on this earth, my LIFE is expanding ever since like the BIG BANG. What more you expect your life to give you when it has given the priceless things and moments.
Everybody has his’ share of painful moments and so do I had. But they are also b’ful as they were gifts of close ones and the moments left me realising who are the closest ones. So thanks to them too who have hurt me.
But Turning 23 is not that awesome man. You definitely have the self made pressure to settle down in life (No offense, but in India, guys def do feel this). There is a lot that goes into the heart and mind searching for the goals of your life. A lot of pricking has to be done to keep yourself away from the vices of the world at the age when your blood is all boils and testosterone levels are at all time high. With the aim of winning the world and probably at times sans any clue, one stands blank without knowing which path to choose. And always you want to make it LARGE!! And above that jitters come on the very thought that your independence will be gone soon if not today then tomorrow. (bachelorhood)
And for people like me who are still single, at 23 also, it requires a lot of effort to keep up yourself. So I am having all the bad and good feelings right now. But to conclude it up all it is sufficient to say “It Feels AWESOME” m/ m/