14 February , a date much awaited by lovers all across the 360 degrees of globe just to express their love in unique fashions and much more elaborately. There are many groups who fight over the legitimacy of this day to be celebrated , many name this a culture imported from western world. But I say if it is just another day to express love and doesn’t bring harm to any sect or religious feelings, what is wrong in celebrating this day? Love is a feeling that is rejoiced and whose warmth is felt every moment, this day is just to reassure ourselves of those beautiful feelings in this busy world.
It just happens on such days to me when my memory automatically presses that rewind button. It was lots of fun during school days when you would expect the unexpected proposals being thrown from the most nerdy or the most shabbily dressed lad to those beautiful lasses. Probably the line of demarcation between lust and love was too blurred at those “tender teens” . And I remember myself celebrating this day by watching Titanic on Star Gold or whatever channel it would come as it would just strengthen the feeling of love deep inside me. Then came the days of “Junglee Jawaani”, where one’s lust is no big a fear to stop someone from going forward and making that lovely propose. Expression of love became vivid and lucid. It became elaborate and a feel in itself. I do remember the SMSes we used to get for the dress code to be followed depending on the relationship status/ state of mind one was in. The day gained its importance. And I used to follow the colour code as religiously as possible. And still I was without my love.
Today while I pen this down, the feeling of love is deep rooted into my heart with more significance revealing the ground realities of that pinned feeling called LOVE. The most wonderful feeling one can possess, the warmth that you can feel anytime, the completeness it gives, the promises you keep to smile and cry together. Not going melodramatic and sticking to the realities, just the sense of being there with each other is what we celebrate on this day. I just agree Love needs no special day to rejoice, announce and publicise but every feeling needs to be expressed one or the other day to just make sure it is there, there and here, everyhwere. So is VALENTINES DAY.
Today also I am without a lover in my arms with crossed glasses of champagne yet I do have those feelings of joy, completeness, warmth……just waiting for the right soul to share these with. And I still enjoy this day with the hope that one day she will come and I will bow on my knees and raise a toast to her and say “Will you be my Valentine?”
So for all the ones in LOVE or yet to fall in LOVE – A very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
Love until the last breath because the time you stop loving is the time you stop Living!