You are blessed if you have a sister. She will say lies to parents just for you. She will fight for you with everyone just to prove that your point is right. She will say nothing in front of anyone but in her tacit actions, she will express her love for you. She will keep your secrets and that’s a different story that she will demand a heavy price in turn. . She will just get you that cuppa coffee when you are exhausted. And She will take care of you as if Mom.
And I must say I’m supper blessed to have so many sisters. Yet she is the one who has a different place in my heart. Just because she is my real sister doesn’t gives me enough reason to make her so special. But she actually possess many a qualities that make her lot of different from others. She calls herself unique and she definitely is-no doubts about it.
She is undoubtedly being the youngest in the whole lot of cousins is the most pampered child. Her wishes are everyone’s priority. For me her one word of mouth is like an order that needs to be accomplished. She is so sweet a person that makes her so adorable and loved by one and all. I would not line up lies here but she is definitely wiser than me. (To tell you the fact of irony she is 7years younger to me).
The way she eats up big chunks of hatred for someone, the way she goes resilient and slaps with her silence, the way she forgives everyone, the way she trusts anyone-sheer innocence-I tell you makes her very different in today’s world. She never keeps her hatred, anger or annoyance for long. She is so caring and yet not expressive makes her still special.
She had made me live my bachpan (childhood) all over again. The way she calls up for her work to be done..hehehe…..and the frankness she adheres/attributes to me….One thing that irritates me the most is when she gets rigid and when she just forgets how to talk…but then her sweetness is what compensates for anything. She is the only person who can get me going happily and bring a smile on my face when low. She is an epitome of affection and warmth of a relationship.
It is tough not to be with her. And I swear away from home her pranks, whims and fancies is what I miss the most. And I hate the way she goes silent and doesn’t talk to me when I am about to leave home. That tears she holds just beneath eyelids and the sunken voice for the sake of which she doesn’t speak at all…I hate it all…..but she also knows that her brother loves her a lot. Love you Ritambhara Gupta….Stay Blessed! Stay Happy!!
filhaal….Janamdin diyan vadi vadi vadhaiyaaaan…..(she hates Dogri…:P)
Happy Budddddddayyyyyyy…..SIS…..!!