The lines ring hard in my ears “Jab gusse ko express nahi karne diya, dard ko express nahi karne diya toh ab pyaar ko kaise express karenge”.
I can’t thank Gauri Shinde enough for bringing this phase of mental trauma, that each one of us goes through at one point of time in life, so beautifully on the screen.
And irrespective of number of friends we have, or how much pampered we are at home; nothing of this helps much. Because if people can’t understand you, they can’t. You can’t shove down their throats how do you feel at that very particular moment.
Interestingly whenever such a production is released, we go all the way out to applaud the actors who bring such emotions brilliantly on screen, cinematographers who keep those special shots to enhance the effect, scriptwriter for choosing the words we can connect with, etc.
One thing we forget is that the labyrinth there is the labyrinth inside us. All that is a projection of how we are as a society. And after watching Dear Zindagi, I didn’t feel so good about it but that’s the reality.
Spectacles, Braces, Soft-spoken boys, dark skinned, not into sports boy, short height, stammers n stutters are quite the reasons of shame in our society. Something you can be trolled for quite long until you succumb to those bullying shouts or else you give up. Unfortunately many of us give up or become so oblivion to the reality that we withdraw from the lives. The spirit of living is gone because we start believing that we are a misfit in this society.
a Smile, a Hug, Few moments, or Just asking is enough to fill us with warmth…and make it a Dear Zindagi for us!
And the same thing happens when we grow up; only when we were getting over our past’s so-called “imperfections”, we face these ‘yet-a-virgin?’ questions, not-in-a-relationship yet race, or awful heartbreaks; all of this which might be too close to us or affects us much.
Sad, actually very sad that while we should be coping up with the pain we are going through in our lives, we are even more busy responding the useless questions that come along with these.
As it is said, that we are in a constant lookout for opportunities to pull others down. And trust me, all of this happens in our society. Then there seems to be no reason to even call it a Dear Zindagi. It is or it becomes Zindagi, Go to Hell.
All this multiplies over the time when we get married, have children, sometimes money or sometimes family issues. Because our past brings with us our insecurities and then we start connecting everything. We feel unsafe, we feel depressed and we feel a loser!
The cycle goes on and on and on. We become oblivion to what’s happening around and how are people feeling around us. We are not “trained” enough to make people feel comfortable around us. We are taught to be comfortable ourselves. We are told that being sensitive is bad (or not so good). Because the world is so cruel, we are supposed to be thick skinned and that my dear friends is causing all the trouble.
This is the reason Kairas or for that matter Kabirs happen.
I believe we as a society really need to be sensitive towards each other. Share a smile and spread the joy. Sometimes discuss it and sometimes just vent it out. Let it go, according to me, doesn’t help.
You might not want to read this whole piece but you might watch this 3:55 video by livelovelaugh foundation.
Mother-Son or Father-Daughter, Bhai-Bhai or Bhai-Behen, Sutta friends or over the coffee friends, walk friends or just water cooler friends; we can share what’s held up inside them or us. Let us make it a beautiful life for everyone, let us make an attempt that everybody shouts it out Dear Zindagi.
Because troubles shall keep coming and going, but the feeling of having someone you can share things with is what makes Zindagi so dear!