[It had been a tiring day. From back to back meetings, and running hither-thither talking to customers and advocates, flinching some important insight that could be a great marketing shizz – it was time to unplug and wrap around the wire of the charger and put things into bag and head back home. He got into his cab with a satisfactory smile because the day had gone well, work was up-to-date but he knew there was something that was trying to have a piece of his mind and attention. After having dinner, he played some low volume music to relax his nerves and search for what was searching him.]
There was this constant thought after meeting so many people in the last few days that “Why everyone is so unhappy?” Everyone is cribbing about one or the other thing. Life is not trajecting as they expected it to be.
People are laughing, watching movies, surfing internet while seated in cafes with their “friends”, catching up, putting in check-ins – yet when you go talk to them at personal level, you find them dispel darkness that comes directly from the heart. 
There is this constant whining in their heart to run away, or a desire to be doing something their heart wants but circumstances do not advise. There is money but there is no wealth. There is more fear of losing what we have verses of not being able to have what they want. It gets complicated after a certain point of time. 

Because ideally abundance should be the closest one could feel happy with. But that is clearly not the case. Clearly there is something starkly wrong with what we have done to ourselves then. What you see when you talk to these people is loss of hope that things can’t be changed or reversed, there cannot be a new beginning. So many of them have already given up on their dreams. Dreams! 

Dreams is the answer to all of the misery. Lack of pursuit towards these dreams is the misery. The reason is we all are running towards abundance. We want everything in life and in that abundance we forget to talk to ourselves and listen to our hearts if what it wants. What it actually desires. It is a complex equation anyway so why not try solve it rather. 
When we stop listening to ourselves, forget to give ourselves some me time and spending time with our own self seems boring – there is definitely something drastically wrong we have done to our generation. We are so used to noise that silence seems deafening but it has all the answers to what makes you feel so bad. We have forgotten to find an anchor point for ourselves.
Our mindless consumption of so much present around us has left us wanting yet forgetting ourselves at the same time. We are scared of monotony, scared of anything that is safe and boring. We are scared of following a discipline. We are on a constant lookout for “wassup” moments – where our answer is always something new. We are unable to handle the same conversations everyday and hence we fail to handle the same ‘us’ every following day. We are always looking for this newness in our life which my dear friend is not going to happen every other day.
And it is here where your anchor point comes to rescue. That’s the reason why we always find that people who are following their dreams are happier than rest of us because their anchor point is what defines their trajectory of life.