Hit by loneliness these days…there is a lot mind is thinking; somethings good and somethings devilish. I am aghast by the extremes your brain can think of. There is too much polarity existing in our own selves. I never knew that. I read it somewhere the part of your brain you give more food to is the one which will flourish more. And I would say yes, it is true indeed.
You do not think anything and life is all simple and sweet or say it seems to be so. One day exasperated by your own self and what all is happening around you start giving thought to all this and you realize there are so many confusions in life. From the times you joined school; your parents had the confusion of which school to send you to,  you had the confusion about which hand to use to write, you grow a bit and you are doubtful about your favorite subject. You grow a bit more and you are doubtful about your favorite sport. It seems like you are making peace with confusions in life and the confusion about your crushes begin. And when you are to enter X, doubtful about subjects, after XII doubtful about the career you would like to pursue, once you get graduated there is doubt about joining a company or not and if yes then which one. Meanwhile you are already having tough time to strike a balance between friendship and love. You are confused if it is a friendship or the so called “love”. The confusions do not end here….in fact they stay there through out and get complex with time.
You doubt about the genuineness of people. Then you have the doubts about turning strangers and colleagues into friends. Shall I or shall I not? You have a chaos thinking about what are the things that should be spoken and the ones which should not be? You deal with doubts that you have about yourself. Confusions…confusions…confusions…..and so many confusions……
You take a deep breath and you wish that one day you bury the hatchet with all these conundrums of life. You want to set yourself free from the shackles of haunting confusions. You want to live a peaceful life which makes no sounds, no trumpets, nothing.
And I have one answer to all this. RIGOR MORTIS (stiffness of death) shall give you this. And that is why I say Life is a conundrum. These conundrums shall go only when there is no life. So, till the time you have breaths, you would have constant confusions. So just learn to be at ease with them. Confusions would give you lot of positive things too in the due course of their tryst with you.