this is for d ppl who feel stressed out…i must tell u ppl that life is not as easy as we think….but it’s not as tough as we make it..just few ords of tension n few situations working against our will n we almost loose our hopes…feel like giving up…friends i would like to tell u,”winners never quit and quitters never win”….so just keep going…whenever u r low, u feel as if d world around u is giving u a blow…just relax, close ur eyes, take deep breaths n remember d moments that were d best moments till now n that give u strength…..just take ur mind to the people who are really facing d miseries of life, who don’t have even food, clothes and shelter to live….u’ll find that ur pain goes off…..n it should be…those ppl have definite reasons to be low…n we must ask ourselves tat y r we low on such pity issues….such thoughts will lead to an upliftment of ur souls n u will just feel like the “PHOENIX”, rising from the ashes!!