Theme of the Month

Theme of the Month

Together we can definitely put a check on the waste being generated and also adopt effective ways of waste disposal

Let's take a step back and realise that how much waste we are generating as an individual/as a family and how our endless consumption is the biggest threat to this!

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Website Art for this month by:

Website Art for this month by:

Vaibhav Sawatkar

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Part I - The Cautious Me

Part I – The Cautious Me!

I wrote this during the times of COVID-19! Yes, COVID-19 is a virus that grappled the world. Originated in China, the virus traveled far and wide calling for worldwide shutdowns and lockdowns. People were forced to lock themselves up to prevent the infection, businesses were…

Kahwa - the tea of Kashmir

Kahwa (कहवा)

अर्सों हो गए एक कप गरमा-गरम कहवा पिए हुए,उस अंगीठी के आगे-पीछे बैठे हुएऔर अपने दिलों को हल्का किये हुए! वो कहानियां भीन जाने कहाँ गुम सीहो गयी,जिन्हें कहवे के घूंट संग पीते थेमानो वह चीनी से नमक हो गयी! उस कहवे में क़ैद दिलों की गर्माहट थीअब तो जैसे…

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