Takeover website art for next month?

If you would be interested to host the Website Art for the next month, drop in a note to karanvir.gupta@thebuswindow.com!

Part II - The Skeptic Me

Part II – The Skeptic Me!

This is Part II in the series of three reflecting the times we are living through: The Cautious Me The Skeptic Me The Optimistic Me Tomorrow,When all of this is overMaybe we do notFall into oblivionAs ifNothing happenedNothing matteredNothing camenothing conqueredThere was nothingWhat got us…

COVID-19, The World Pandemic

We didn’t see this coming!

We didn’t see the COVID-19 coming but we surely can anticipate what to expect next! This is a Challenge for Humanity to pick between the options we have and make a choice for ourselves and our coming generations.