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Is the world on a bad trip?

The imbalance of forces and misuse of power are those catalysts that result in State of Anarchy and rebellion of the highest order – sooner or later.


Part II – The Skeptic Me!

This is Part II in the series of three reflecting the times we are living through: The Cautious Me The Skeptic Me The Optimistic Me Tomorrow,When all of this is overMaybe we do notFall into oblivionAs ifNothing happenedNothing matteredNothing camenothing conqueredThere was nothingWhat got us…


We didn’t see this coming!

We didn’t see the COVID-19 coming but we surely can anticipate what to expect next! This is a Challenge for Humanity to pick between the options we have and make a choice for ourselves and our coming generations.


Part I – The Cautious Me!

I wrote this during the times of COVID-19! Yes, COVID-19 is a virus that grappled the world. Originated in China, the virus traveled far and wide calling for worldwide shutdowns and lockdowns. People were forced to lock themselves up to prevent the infection, businesses were…


To families of home-makers

To men and kids of all home-makers out there… Today, it doesn’t take us a blink of an eye to accept a working woman – be it our wives, sisters or mothers. It just seems obvious and normal to us. But things were not the…


This Valentine, save your relationship!

There was a time when I thought getting into a relationship was hard! And over the period of time I have found that surviving relationships or maintaining relationships is a harder thing to do. While the basics for getting into relationship remain the same, the…


Of many ideas, One India

It takes a lot of patience, sensibility, empathy and maturity for different schools of thought to listen, think through, discuss and engage with each other. And that is what is the need of the hour in our country today!


The Decade, ‘t was!

A few days before while we were wrapping up the year (and the decade as well), we all got ourselves into thinking (at home) that what we would remember each year for. While, I must say it was a fun game to begin with, we…


Indian Politics and The Common Man – Part III

To all those who are supporting #CAB and to all those who stand tall against it. To all those who demand fundamental rights but fall short of fulfilling their fundamental duties. To all of us, to the Common Man – You and I are the most powerful, because we got the Right to Swing – the ballot box!