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There comes a times in our lifetime when everyone is left speechless and numb. 2020 was one such year in the life of humans, disastrous to say the least. The world was trapped in a pandemic like never before. It knocked us down hard. Everyone was left clueless about the nature of events that unfolded in the times to come. All humans could do was to be homebound and feel helpless. The book The End is a reflection of all such emotions that catapulted during the pandemic times. It is an observation of how we had shaped our lives in the last few decades and how we were living when the pandemic hit the world in 2020. It is a story of our magnificent evolution and exponential decay in quick span of years.The book takes a stroll through some pressing challenges and moral dilemmas mankind faced during those times. It hits hard on some of the great realisations that we had otherwise very conveniently ignored or deliberately chose to neglect. The book goes on to share how humans reacted to the pandemic. And also how nature reacted to the pandemic and took the reins back in its hands.

The book The End is a reminder to all of us to believe in our indomitable spirit and uncanny ability to adapt. This book will be your and mine watchdog! This book is for you, me and each one of us to share with our future generations. This book will act as a reminder for the entire generation to not commit the same mistakes again. And remember that after each end, there is a new beginning – there is a new normal towards which all of us have to work together.

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